Behavior Management

One of the most challenging aspects of pediatric dentistry is managing the behavior or understandably anxious, fearful, and uncooperative children. The very young child is often still developing his or her coping abilities. When confronted with a strange environment, unfamiliar faces, and unusual treatment, these young children have a difficult time coping with the sensory overload. Other children carry with them the memories of previous negative experiences from doctors or dentists offices. Still others are belligerent, manipulative, or simply have behavioral conditions which do not allow them to behave well without comfort and support. At GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES, Dr. Lam and all the staff are specially trained to recognize the many different behaviors of children, and adapt accordingly to manage each childs behavior in the office setting.

In the vast majority of cases, simply allowing Dr. Lam and his staff interact, engage, and compassionately manage an anxious child, results in extraordinarily well behaved patients in the dental setting! Sometimes, for the benefit of the patient, Dr. Lam will recommend that parents remain out of sight so that he and his staff may have the childs full attention. Your trust and confidence in Dr. Lam and the staff is paramount to our ability to deliver the best dental experience possible to your child.

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