Laser Gum Treatment

The ezlase is an ultra compact, soft-tissue diode laser specifically designed for a host of laser gum treatments including: biopsies, exposure of unerupted teeth, fibroma removal, frenectomy, frenotomy, gingival recontouring, gingivectomy, hemostasis and coagulation, implant recovery, lesion removals, pulpotomy, and soft tissue crown lengthening. These are just a few of the many procedures using the ezlase diode laser that are indicated by the FDA. In addition to these major procedures, the ezlase can also be used more routinely for hygiene maintenance procedures such as laser soft tissue curettage, laser removal of diseased or infected gum tissue, and even sulcular debridement (cleaning out the pockets between the gum and tooth).

Unlike older more traditional diode lasers, the ezlase uses the new 940nm wavelength. This optimizes the absorption of laser energy by matching with absorption peaks of both oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin, thereby providing unsurpassed hemostasis during soft tissue procedures.

The diode laser allows for precise cutting and removal of soft tissue, minimizes damage to the surrounding tissue, and provides excellent control of bleeding both during and after surgical procedures. Minimizing bleeding issues allows for a more precise operating environment for the doctor, minimizes the scarring that may occur after surgery, and reduces healing time and post-operative pain for patients.

ezlase used for gum treatment
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