Dental Emergencies

Children are notorious for bumps, bruises, and boo boos! Although physicians can clear your child medically, there may be underlying injury to the mouth or teeth that cannot be properly addressed unless your pediatric dentist has determined the extent of injury. The good news is that dental emergencies caused by falls or bumps are often less damaging to young children than to adults, due to the relative pliability or softness of young bones.

When your child is injured and you suspect that the head, face, or mouth is involved at all, it is advisable to have your child properly evaluated by the pediatric dentist.

Dental Infections

Dental infections are also very common causes of emergency in children. Although the infection may have originated from a single tooth, dental infections in children have a tendency to spread quickly. Once the infection spreads, it can cause rapid swelling of the face, as well as more systemic problems such as fever, general malaise, and difficulty feeding or sleeping. Prompt evaluation of such dental emergencies in children is critical to proper treatment and rapid recovery. Please do not hesitate to contact our office if you suspect that your child has a dental emergency.

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