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Invisalign braces are invisible, easy to wear, easy to clean, comfortable. A great option in esthetic dentistry.

Many patients today are very concerned with the straightness of teeth. Some have had braces during teenage years, and yet over time their teeth started to move back to their original position. Others did not require braces in the past, but are now aware of minor misalignments in their teeth. Instead of preparing your teeth for veneers to restore a beautiful smile we now have the option of invisible braces. This is a great option for many adult candidates who want straight teeth without traditional braces, yet also do not want to lose healthy tooth structure unnecessarily.

Dr. Glass will take impressions of your teeth, multiple photographs, and digital x-rays (Panorex and Ceph). A computerized lab will fabricate a series of Invisible Retainers that will be given to you at different times. Those Retainers will move your teeth in sequence into the correct position.

Straighten your teeth without traditional braces!

Invisalign is a convenient and effective way to get the smile you want! Contact us today to schedule your consultation

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