Root Canal Treatment

At GALLERY OF SMILES we have the most modern technology for endodontic treatment. We use titanium rotary instruments to expedite the treatment and increase the precision of treatment. Dr. Glass uses intracanal antibiotics to ensure that all infection is cleared form inside the tooth. We also use warm fillers that will conform to the unique shape within each patient’s root canals. With the availability of the modern technologies at our office, most teeth can have an entire root canal treatment procedure in one visit.

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What Is A Root Canal?

The term root canal often refers to a very common dental procedure.  A the center of your tooth is the pulp.  Pulp is made up of nerve tissue and blood vessels that allow your tooth to stay alive and healthy, as well as feel pain and temperature. Sometimes, when a cavity is so big that the tooth decay reaches the pulp, the germs that also reach this far can start a dental infection deep inside the tooth.  A root canal procedure can eliminate the infection and also help patients save the natural tooth, thus preventing the need for implants or bridges.  

How Is A Root Canal Performed?

In order to clean an infected pulp, the dentist must first get to the infected pulp.  When tooth decay leads to this type of infection, removal of the decay leads straight to the pulp.  Otherwise a small access hole must be drilled to reach the pulp.  Specialized instruments are used to remove debris from the tooth root.  Disinfecting solutions are used to clean and flush the infected root.  Once cleaned and dried, the inside of the tooth is filled so that germs will not re-enter the tooth in the future.  All of this is done while the tooth has been numbed with local anesthesia.  Upon completion of the root canal, your doctor may recommend a certain amount of time to pass before the next step. Depending on the nature of your dental infection, root canal procedures can be one or more visits long. 

What Happens After A Root Canal?

Many patients think that once the root canal treatment is completed, their tooth is “completely fixed”.  This is not true.  The root canal treatment solves the problem inside of the tooth.  But the tooth must now be restored to return it to full health and structural integrity. Restoration is most often in the form of a filling or crown.  Fillings are often single visit procedures, but crowns, bridges, and other restorations may involve multiple visits.  Remember this happens AFTER the root canal.  If patients fail to place a proper restoration following a root canal visit, the tooth may break down over time and may even develop another infection.  

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