Patient Comforts

Caring Staff

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At GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES, each member of our staff has been hand-picked for their combination of clinical skill, professionalism, and compassionate attitude towards adult and child patients alike. Our priority is the comfort and satisfaction of each and every patient that comes to our practice. We pride ourselves on being approachable.

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Child Friendly Setting

Our office was specially designed with the child in mind. The reception area at GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES has a wonderful activity center for children to have fun and keep entertained as we prepare our team to provide your child with impeccable care.

A TV will provide children with an inviting and familiar source of enjoyment as they get comfortable in our office.

Private Rooms

Our doctors understand that a patient’s dental experience is at times a very personal and private matter. In order to offer the relaxed privacy and space that each patient of the practice deserves, each patient will be treated in their own private room.

If necessary, doors are available to block out unnecessary noises and help promote a positive ambiance for patients.

Wireless Internet

Today is an age of connectivity. At GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES, we recognize this. We are pleased to provide wireless internet access to patients and parents in the reception areas. Whether you are waiting for your appointment, or for your child to complete his/her appointment, pull out your laptop or smartphone.

We respect your time and hope that by providing this service, we can help maintain your productivity in this busy information age.

Please keep in mind, however, that no cellular telephones, smartphones, or laptops may be used in the treatment areas beyond the reception rooms.


Patient TVs

Each exam room offers patients the luxury of relaxing in front of a personalized LCD TV. While you are patiently waiting in a treatment room for the doctor, TVs will provide you with a selection of TV, movies, and even patient education videos for your enjoyment and information.

At other times, the LCD TV also allows our doctors to project digital images such as digital x-rays, and intraoral photos so that you may be more directly involved in the treatment planning process.

Sedation Dentistry

The doctors at GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES are specially trained to identify and manage anxiety in patients of all ages. Based on the need, patients may be prescribed oral medication to help relax them during the dental visit.

Other patients may benefit from the use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). For some very young children in need of extensive dental treatment, comprehensive one-visit dental care under general anesthesia may be an option.

Feel free to discuss these and other sedation options with our team of doctors.

Warm Scented Towels

We believe that a little comfort goes a long way. After a long visit to the dental office, most patients welcome the opportunity to freshen up.

Many patients are concerned about walking out in public before tidying up a bit. We gladly provide warm scented towels so that patients can quickly and conveniently do just that in the comfort and privacy of their own private exam room.

There is nothing better than a warm scented towel to get patients back on track with the rest of their day.

Baby with blanket


Sometimes, especially when nervous or under stress, we get the chills. At the GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES, we want to assure you that there is nothing to be nervous about.

Nonetheless, if our words don’t assuage your fears, we provide blankets on request. A soft, warm, cuddly blanket may be just what you need to settle in.


All adult patients and parents at the GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES are invited to receive refreshments from the reception area. Whether you are waiting for your scheduled appointment, or whether you are waiting to pick up your child from his/her dental appointment, we want your time at our office to be as comfortable as possible.

A selection of warm and cold refreshments will be made available for you while you wait.