Early Orthodontic Treatment

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment is initiated when most or all of the primary teeth have erupted. However, in some instances, children need to receive early or interceptive orthodontic treatment. Interceptive orthodontics may involve appliances such as retainers which can move one or a few teeth back into alignment, or may involve functional appliances which help promote balanced growth of the upper and lower jaws so that they can best accommodate the growing permanent teeth. Interceptive orthodontics does not totally eliminate the need for braces in the future. Generally, however, early orthodontic treatment lessens the severity of malocclusions and can significantly reduce the time it takes for braces to straighten teeth in the future. At GALLERY OF LITTLE SMILES, Dr. Lam is fully trained and equipped to manage early orthodontic problems in your child so that small problems today do not grow into bigger problems tomorrow.

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Conventional Orthodontic Treatment

Our practice uses the latest advances in orthodontic technology to provide our patients with the best possible treatment. We use a digital x-ray system which reduces radiographic exposure to our patients. We use the newest orthodontic techniques and appliances which allow us to reduce discomfort levels, decrease frequency of visits, and reduce treatment time. Your options range from the latest in self-ligating brackets, translucent braces, and transparent aligners (Invisalign).

Our mission is to provide you with affordable, high-quality orthodontic treatment with the personal service you deserve